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The following Travelers were awarded prizes at the banquet (apologies to anyone I missed):
Concours d’Elegance: John Linney 1st place, Stock TR4; George Abel 1st place, Stock TR6;, John Schmidt 1st place, Modified TR6; Lynn & Michael Link 1st place, Other (Stag).

Walking Rally: Dave and Mary Sutton 1st place; Tyler Cooper and Laura Cowan Cooper 2nd place; Doug and Diane Gold 3rd place.

Funkhana : Dave and Mary Sutton 1st place; Annet Dragavon (Hart) and Monica Hubanks 2nd place.

LeMans Start: C J Arnesen 1st place; Cregg Cowan, 3rd place.

Autocross Stock: Bruce Adornato 2nd place TR3; Roger Evans 3rd place TR3; Peter Bergman 1st place TR4; C J Arnesen 1st place TR6; Rick Arnesen 2nd place TR6; Tyler Cooper 1st place TR7; Laura Cowan Cooper 2nd place Ladies TR7.

Autocross Modified: Rye Livingston 1st place TR3; Kristin Livingston 1st place Ladies TR3; Cregg Cowan 1st place TR6; Dave Sutton 2nd place TR6; Michael Hart 2nd place TR7; Jim Prettyleaf 1st place Prepared.

Funcours Gold Plus: Bob Kinderlehrer , 49 Roadster; Mark Schmidt, 74 TR6; Rich Gibbon, 80 TR8; Bruce Adornato, 59 TR3; Rick Arnesen, 71 TR6; Dave Logan, 74 TR6; Bruce Waller, 73 TR6;.

Funcours Gold: Paul Cowden, 67 TR4A; Curtis Johnston, 79 TR7, 80 TR8, 80 TR8; Diane Gold 81 TR8; Michael Hart, 80 TR7; George Abel, 69 TR6; Craig McAmis, 74 TR6; Steve Homer, 67 TR4A; Chris Digiorgio, 71 GT6; Cliff Marden, 68 TR250; Edward Gorzynski , 78 TR8; John Howard, 73 Stag; Bryant Paulsen, 67 TR4A; Joe Cain, 39 Dolomite; Dorothy Haynes, 59 TR3; Dennis Bright, 60 TR3; Paul Cowden, 67 TR4A; Michael Millard, 64 TR4.

Funcours Silver: Dennis Bright, 59 TR3; Roger Evans, 60 TR3A; Jim Wall, 63 TR3; Marc Litton, 60 TR3A; Dave Edwards, TR3A; Nancy Bergman, 67 TR4A; Cregg Cowan, 73 TR6; David Sutton, 72 TR6.

Funcours Bronze: Fred Pappalardo, 73 TR6; Rye Livingston, TR3A; Tyler Cooper, 81 TR7.

Digger Davitt Memorial Trophy: Cregg Cowan